Sue Williams

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

Mystery in a painting intrigues me, and I seek to express it.  In my efforts I am analytical about my process.  I think of my project ahead of time, work out the logistics and then create.  I try to draw the viewer in to my work by creating an impact area using value and color to develop expression and mood.  In the finished product I aim to have my viewer wonder, ask themselves what is happening here and then think about why.

Amidst this mystery there is a constant element of color.  Clear, warm, soothing color draws me in.  Purples ranging from deep and prominent to a wisp of pastel follow me from painting to painting.  These warm inviting colors, in combination with the strength of the subject matter, help me present the wordless feelings I have within.  It is my way of saying;

“The world is a wondrous place.”

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